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This page collects information about extensions and options for Chromium that may be useful for users.

Please submit a PR to ungoogled-chromium-wiki if you want to contribute.

Useful Extensions

TODO: bulleted list of extensions, each with a short explanation of their purpose, benefits, and potential drawbacks

  • chromium-web-store - Check and/or install updates to CRX-based extensions (i.e. not exclusively from the Chrome Web Store). It supports optional automatic updates. This is an extension-based implementation of Issue #285.

Disable JIT

The JIT optimization of JavaScript is a known attack vector. It can be disabled with the launch flag --js-flags='--jitless'.

JavaScript will still run with JIT disabled, but websites may be slower, especially script-heavy apps like Google Maps. Disabling JIT also disables WebAssembly.

Disable WebAssembly

(Suggested in #578)

Like JavaScript, WebAssembly is another potential attack vector. See #578 for the details of exploiting WebAssembly.

See stevenspringett/disable-webassembly for instructions on disabling WebAssembly.

Disable Weak SSL Cipher Suites

Disable weak SSL cipher suites to prevent usage in SSL-encrypted traffic like HTTPS.

The command-line flag is --cipher-suite-blacklist, with a comma-delimited list of cipher suites in hexadecimal. There must be exactly four hexadecimal digits per cipher suite. Example:

chromium --cipher-suite-blacklist=0x000a,0x009c,0x009d,0x002f,0x0035

Disable Media Router

Disabling Media Router prevents the browser from sending UDP broadcasts. (NOTE: Broadcasts happen even if the media router extension is disabled). This can be achieved by setting the policies:


Create or add the following JSON content to /etc/chromium/policies/managed/policies.json:

  "EnableMediaRouter": false

Here is an example of policies.json with more configuration settings:

  "EnableMediaRouter": false,
  "DefaultWebUsbGuardSetting": 2,
  "DefaultWebBluetoothGuardSetting": 2,
  "HomepageLocation": "",
  "NativeMessagingUserLevelHosts": false,
  "WPADQuickCheckEnabled": false,
  "BackgroundModeEnabled": false


Consult the documentation on setting policies here. Then, set "EnableMediaRouter": false.


Consult the documentation here for configuring policies. Then, set "EnableMediaRouter": false.