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This document describes various ways to debug ungoogled-chromium, including not widely known but useful ways to debug Chromium.

IMPORTANT: Some of these methods require you to be familiar with building and debugging Chromium/ungoogled-chromium. However, if something seems unclear or wrong, let us know.

Since ungoogled-chromium is pretty much Chromium, the same debugging workflows from Chromium still apply. (TODO: Link to debugging documentation)

General debugging tips

(This section is incomplete. Feel free to contribute.)

Linux users: If applicable, try to reproduce your issue on Portable Linux first. This may help narrow down the problem faster.

How do I get a stack trace from ungoogled-chromium?

You can get a stack trace when ungoogled-chromium crashes. To do that, rebuild ungoogled-chromium with the additional GN flags:


Note for Linux users: You can also set is_debug=true, but you may need to wary that this may break library unbundling like it did for ICU. In this case, the easiest way is to try to reproduce with Portable Linux, then rebuild it.

Additionally, you can log a stack trace to the console at any point in the code by adding the following:

#include "base/debug/stack_trace.h"
// ...
// At the point you want a trace, call:

(Thanks @howaboutsynergy for the tip)