Download binaries from here

NOTE: These binaries are provided by anyone who are willing to build and submit them. Because these binaries are not necessarily reproducible, authenticity cannot be guaranteed; In other words, there is always a non-zero probability that these binaries may have been tampered with. In the unlikely event that this has happened to you, please report it in a new issue.

These binaries are known as contributor binaries.

Also, ungoogled-chromium is available in several software repositories:

  • Arch Linux: Available in AUR as ungoogled-chromium
    • NOTE: ungoogled-chromium-bin is not officially part of ungoogled-chromium. Please submit all issues to the maintainer of the PKGBUILD.
  • Gentoo Linux: ::chaoslab overlay maintains an unofficial ungoogled-chromium ebuild.
  • GNU Guix: Available as ungoogled-chromium.
  • macOS cask: Available as eloston-chromium

Source Code

See the source code page