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IMPORTANT: These binaries are provided by anyone who are willing to build and submit them. Because these binaries are not necessarily reproducible, authenticity cannot be guaranteed.

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NOTE FOR LINUX USERS: Make sure to download packages for the correct system. Portable Linux build works on any Linux platform supported by Chromium.

Binary classifications (the labels in the first row of the following table):

Release Development
Linux AppImage 64-bit 70.0.3538.77-1 70.0.3538.110-1
Arch Linux (none) 70.0.3538.110-3
Debian 9.0 (stretch) amd64 69.0.3497.100-2 70.0.3538.110-2
Portable Linux 64-bit 70.0.3538.77-1 70.0.3538.110-1
macOS 70.0.3538.77-1 70.0.3538.110-3
Ubuntu 17.10 (artful) amd64 64.0.3282.186-1 (none)
Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic) amd64 69.0.3497.100-1 70.0.3538.110-2
Ubuntu 18.10 (cosmic) amd64 (none) 70.0.3538.110-3
Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial) amd64 65.0.3325.181-1 (none)
Ubuntu 16.10 (yakkety) amd64 55.0.2883.95-1 (none)
Ubuntu 17.04 (zesty) amd64 57.0.2987.133-1 (none)
Windows 32-bit 55.0.2883.87-1 (none)
Windows 64-bit 67.0.3396.87-3 (none)

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